20,000-Word Ebook



A 20,000-word ebook is ideal for meeting goals like:

  • Becoming a published author on online booksellers’ sites. A concise-yet-helpful ebook could help you get started in the online publishing world.
  • Growing your audience. Already established some name recognition? An ebook in a relevant niche can provide an easy marketing tool for your existing customers to share with others. If you’re making new connections at that big industry event, you can also provide an easy way for the audience to download it.
  • Spreading the information you wish people knew about. Every professional who’s been in their field for a significant amount of time has things they knew their prospective customers — or even just the general public — knew about. An ebook can be a good way to spread information that can’t be as easily addressed on a “Frequently Asked Questions” web page.


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