10,000-Word Ebook



A 10,000-word ebook is ideal for meeting goals like:

  • Expanding on a topic you would like to provide more context about. I’ve done the “100 tips for using bitcoin” thing. Stuff like that can really be more complicated than the occasional made-for-TV sound bite.
  • Providing a promotional introduction. While “We have a book!” does not always clench the deal right away, it can give you a way to introduce yourself and open a dialogue.
  • Giving you a way to establish expertise. This can make an excellent way to set the stage for future relationships in an environment where you might otherwise be peppered with questions from a skeptical audience.
  • Helping you beat writer’s block. Maybe you don’t have the time or inspiration needed to write an ebook. A 10,000-word ebook can help you get started.


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