Don’t Have Crypto Yet?

I mean, I don’t blame you if you don’t. It’s a wild ride, and bitcoin can see drops of 20%, 50% or more on a bad day. Stocks can do that, too, but crypto is notorious for both high highs and devastating lows. It’s a roller coaster ride for sure. But it does have its perks if your preferred financial institution is gonna make life difficult just because you want to spend a few bucks.

I accept only crypto for my writing services for three reasons:

  • It’s easy. Easier than connecting my PayPal account to the WooCommerce WordPress plugin for sure. And the whole reason I can get away with not requiring you to pass a KYC/AML check just to buy an article is that I don’t provide financial services or use a third party that holds my crypto for me.
  • It’s more secure than using a credit card. No credit card skimmers, no interception of your financial data, I don’t even store your identifying information. You won’t hear in 5 or 10 years that some jerk hacked into my server and stole your credit card information.
  • I know it might be important that you can actually do something with your crypto. You might’ve even run across this website because you wanted to do something with it besides dump it on an exchange. Maybe somebody paid you in crypto for something and now you want to know if you can use it for a one-time business expense like, say, getting some content written for your website.

Do I sell crypto? Nope. (I’ll be honest, if I did, I’d use Gemini. It’s a solid outfit.) I prefer to spend it when I can. I’ve used it to buy gift cards with. You know, “Peer-to-peer electronic cash system” and all that.


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